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Postby Duck Dodgers » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:30 am

what do you think I should do?
I gave this guy a lot of rare cartoons, including all of the logo-ed French-language Noveltoons I own.
He told me he would have been able to delete the logos and put the English language in them with a software he owned.
And he was able to put the original titles in other shorts I got without them.
Then...when he got them he told me he was not able to do anything.
"Strangely" the software does not work anymore....
And he did not send me a thing in return of the cartoons I gave him.
He offered to send me some cartoons, which I already got.
This thing happened months ago and still I did not get a thing from him.
I asked recently to pay me something (after all I paid to get several of them shorts) but so far he does not want to.

What you suggest me to do?
I think he could be banned, after all, is this the way to act with fellow GACers, promising a thing he's not able to do? He lied to me and does not cooperate to help me, keep offering me toons I already told him I got or am not interested in.
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