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R. Araya
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Postby R. Araya » Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:12 pm

McCay's ghost: Folks, you just don't understand that nobody remembers you, no one but just a handful of... (people begin to gather around the house)
:bugs2:: Hey! What's that?
:sylvester: Sufferin' succotash! Look at there! (People show up with large signs with phrases like: "Save the classics", "TIME Warner OUT", and such.
McCay's ghost (holding the do-do's neck): I can't believe it! That's the biggest rally since...
:bugs2:: Oh, we've heard that before!
McCay's ghost: Hey hare! If I didn't create the Gertie the Dinosaur cartoon in 1914, you wouldn't be here. All be thankful that I'm not another person, otherwise I would have evicted you. (Winsor loosens his hand and accidentally frees the do-do, who goes to the balcony)
:dodo:: Hey, you morons! Give up! You can't beat the conglomerates!
All inside the house: And what about us! (They all put the do-do into a mailbag, while the people outside cheer)
Everybody (except for the do-do obviously): Hip! Hip! Hurray!
:dodo:: This is unfair! What did I do to you?
:bugs2:: Should we explain?
Radio: (music, then ticker sounds) Breaking news! Time Warner has just dissolved the "family division" of its Home Entertainment branch. It will be succeeded by the "classic division", which will release all of its cartoon catalog as it was meant to be. Yes sir, no more letterboxing, no more DVNR, and the most important things of all, no more cuts and the cartoons will be totally restored. Now we return to our all-night non-stop Halloween musical special. (music resumes)
McCay's ghost: Well, my job here has ended, good night folks. (disappears)
:daffy:: This is ridiculous! And that was the "scariest" thing of this party? What a disappointment!
The Groovie Goolies (entering thru the bathroom, followed by a troop formed by Saturday morning cartoon characters from the 70's, 80's and early 90's): Hello! Did you miss us?
Everybody else: Nooooo!
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Postby wiley207 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:43 pm

:coolcat:: Crazy! The Groovie Goolies. My favorite band of them all!

:daffy:: No wonder a lot of people don't like him.

:bugs2:: I'm a bit inclined to say this party is getting out of hand!

:daffy:: Agreed. You thinking what I'm thinking?

:bugs2:: Yeah? ...


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Postby LooneyTunerIan » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:53 pm

Radio Announcer: (news musics ting, announcer speaks in a sad-tearful tone) We interupt your Halloween Party to bring this important announcement... (sniffles) It is a time of sadness as GAC Forum Founder, Jon Cooke, has announced that by the end of October... The Golden Age Cartoon Forums will be shut down... forever! (holds back tears) In the coming weeks, this forum that you are seeing now will soon be a searchable, read-only archive. But unless someone finds a new forum-hosting home for the GAC, I'm afraid there'll be no where else to go. (sniffles) We now return to our remaining hours of what's left of the... Halloween Special!!!!! (breaks down crying)

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R. Araya
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Postby R. Araya » Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:08 pm

(Characters begin to unlock everything)
Pete Puma: Wait! Hey, how did you enter?
Rubik (if anyone asks, there was a Sat. morn series based in the game in 1983): You don't want to know
:bugs2:: Get out! Of all of you, we only like Garfield, even if he was screwed up by those two stupid movies. Listen, if Mr. Winsor McCay was here, you...
Pac-Man: And who's that man?
McCay's ghost's voice: Sorry, but I'm planning my vacation, you should get your own way out. I'll call you when I'm available. Happy Halloween to all, except for the do-do of course.
:dodo: (still in the mailbag): I resent that! Corporate-created characters, get 'em!
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Der Captain
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Postby Der Captain » Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:31 pm

:bugs2:: Well, the important thing is that Scrooge promised he'd bankroll the restoration of all the old classic cartoons. You meant that, right?

:scrooge:: I certainly did! Just because I've had my head in the business world all my life doesn't mean I can't appreciate a fine art form. So my first project will be a Blu-Ray of one of the all time classics -

:daffy:: Hear, Hear!

:scrooge:: - Clutch Cargo! ( a resounding "CLANG" as the jaw of everyone in the room hits the floor at the same time, and the spirit of Tex Avery would be so proud)

:bugs2:: CLUTCH CARGO!? - CLUTCH F***ING CARGO!?????

:scrooge:: Yes, my team of experts is working on the digital remastering as we speak. Believe me, when they're through, Clutch's lips will be so red you won't be able to tell him apart from Christina Aguilera!

:daffy:: Shock, that's all I can say - shock!

:scrooge:: We've also got plans for a Bucky and Pepito DVD that's long overdo!

:bugs2:: Are you insane? Those guys can't get booked for supermarket openings!

:daffy:: Yeah, the last time they cut the ribbon for a Piggly Wiggly they got pelted with cans of Spam!

:donald:: Um...guys. I guess you should know that my Uncle only makes offers like this after taking the required medicinal marijuana for his rheumatoid arthritis. Once the euphoria wears off, he won't shell out for anything.

:daffy:: Well, I'm having sour persimmons for dinner.

:scrooge:: Hey, guys. Have you ever looked at your wings? I mean - REALLY looked at your wings?

GROOVY GHOULIES: Sooooo - who's up for a "Goober and the Ghost Chasers" marathon on CN?
"No buttons on der ding-busted pants!"

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R. Araya
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Postby R. Araya » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:53 pm

:scrooge:: Nah, I was just jokin', who would watch that... (door breaks and the do-do and his cronies gather around them)
:felix:: How did you get out of that bag?
:dodo:: They call me the Houdini of cartoons, Hey, you! Don't stand looking at them, just get 'em!
:daffy: (with his hat on): This is a job for...
:mighty:: Mighty Mouse! You have all of your merchandising related money, but we have the true loyalty of millions of people around the world, no matter their age, their...
:daffy:: Hey cut that out and help us! (Mighty Mouse begins to attack the Saturday morning cartoon characters. Then everybody falls to the ground, with the shortest running first, but the do-do counterattacks, and puts the rodent in the mailbag)
:flip:: Get out! We're all doomed!
:sailor:: Not for Popeye the Sailor! (coincidentally the radio plays Strike Up the Band for Popeye the Sailor, the room morphs into a fighting club).
The referee from Bunny Hugged: Now the cartoon fight of the century! In this corner the villainous (softly) do-do. (Everybody boos at the do-do, who gives them the "Bronx cheer") And in this corner, a man who needs no introduction, who has beaten villains such as Sindbad and Ali Baba (and his forty thieves), here is Popeye the Sailor!! (Everybody cheers at Popeye)
Now here are the rules...
:dodo:: I don't care about the rules (socks the referee).
:sailor:: Hey, dat's out of de rules! (Popeye and the do-do engage in a bout so violent, that we can't describe, after an hour the battle enrages further, without a looming resolution)
Olive Oyl: Oh, no! Popeye's forgot his spinach! (Olive eats the spinach and gets into the fight returning the do-do into his mailbag -even she takes her time to address the destination to Siberia)
:sailor:: Anyone wrote the plate of the truck who hit me? (falls to the ground)
Olive Oyl (she first takes Popeye -and his pipe-, and begins to sing): And my name is Olive Oyl! (toot-toot)
(Now is about one o'clock in the morning, and the majority of the characters have exited -except for the Sat. morning ones, still unconscious-. Bugs plays As Time Goes By on the piano, Daffy receives a letter from McCay's ghost, now in vacation.)
:daffy:: Bugs, there's a letter for you. (Bugs opens the envelope and reads the letter, while he begins to play Put Your Dreams Away, with the Three Little Bops providing rhythm)

Dear friends:
The bank has said that I don't have enough money to maintain this joint, so I had to sell it -against my wishes- to a shopping mall, forcing you to move to another place. However I left to you all the money I have, which I don't even need, so you can build another place where you can all get together more often.
Yours truly...
Winsor McCay.

:bugs2:: Well, an era has just ended... (Daffy begins to sob) but another is beginning. (Daffy reverts to his normal self)
:daffy:: Okay, Bugs... but this year's party has been particularly exciting. You should have seen your face when you saw that crazy band. It was like this (makes a gesture resembling to The Scream) I have seen scaredy cats in my life, but you made them look like Chuck Norris. (laughs loudly)
:bugs2: Daffy? Is it me, or are they coming to evict us?
:daffy:: Who?
:bugs2:: The characters from the Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sitcoms! (Daffy shrieks so loud that the scream reaches the Richter scale, and frantically runs away, Bugs snickers at the panicked Daffy and resumes playing Put Your Dreams Away on the piano)

Announcer: This is the end for our story, Thank you for tuning in in such a loyal form, our friends. We hope we all can get together sometime, somewhere, but we'll all going to think of you, on every day, on every situation or place. If you are alone, we are all with you in spirit. This program has been proudly presented by the Golden Age Cartoon Forums, and by Scrooge's Financing Company. All complaints should be sent to the latter company. Good night, folks.
Announcer 2: Tune in tomorrow for the final broadcast of Monitor, here on the Golden Age Cartoons network.

P.S.: Sorry for the kinda rushed ending, but I thought that we couldn't stretch the story any more.
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