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Postby quack-up » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:45 am

:daffy: : What happened to you, Lola? You used to be drop dead sexy like Jennifer Esposito! Now, you're just like... like... Kristen Wiig. *shudders*

:bugs2: : Someone as sexy as Jennifer Esposito has no place on a sitcom.

:daffy: : What about "Mary Tyler Moore?"

:bugs2: : Daffy- the show already has a TV-PG rating. Don't make it TV-14.

:daffy: : But I got to wear a jockstrap and they didn't say anything!

* :lepew: walks in *

:daffy: : Boy what a costume! Who's under there? What a costume! *sniff* Oh. Hi, Pepe...

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Postby Der Captain » Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:07 pm

SPEEDY: I wish I could help Bugs.

:red:: Um....Speedy. I'm afraid there's something I have to tell you. You see, you and I - well.....

SPEEDY: Are you saying the fizz has gone out of our relationship?

:red:: Yes, it's all plop and no fizz. You used to cure all my ills, but now you just cause drowsiness.

SPEEDY: Don't talk like that! It gives me upset stomach! Are you gonna just plop me like bad medicine?

:red:: Yes, our love life is past the expiration date. But on the plus side, I'm not pregnant.

SPEEDY: Oh, what a relief that is! (walks off singing "She's not preg-nant! Oh, what a relief it is!")
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Postby Paulie J. Waddle » Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:28 pm

*knock on door*

:red: Oh, who could that be?

*opens door*

:red: Oop, just some trick-or-treaters, let's see, a chubby sailor, a chubby hunter/ newscaster and...the Wolf Man? Hey, how come you're not chubby?

:wolfie: 'Cuz I've been starving for yas, babe!

:red: EEK! You cad!

Dan Backslide (from a stolen roundabout): Actually I'm the cad!

:red: You guys! There's evil about!

:daffy: Evil? Who are you? Mermaid Man?

*Mermaid Man steps into living room dressed as a mayo jar*

Mermaid Man: What's this I hear about evil?

:red: A wolf tried to grab me away!

Mermaid Man: What? A golf gave you abs and away? That doesn't make any sense!

:bugs2: Seems to be a job for Duck Twacy. ;)

:daffy: Fine! I'll get the costume. But The Green Lantern will return in vengeance!

5 minutes later...

:daffy: Hey! Someone stole my costume!

Voice: Yeah? What else is new?

Everyone: Agent P?!?!?!?!?!

Speedy: You can talk?!?!?!
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Postby Der Captain » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:15 pm

:daffy:: All right. Nobody leave the premises! My Duck Twacy costume has been stolen! That was an amazing and expensive outfit that the costume department spent many weeks designing with special care...

:bugs2:: It was a hat.

:daffy:: Bugs, don't insult me.

:bugs2:: That's it, Daffy. Your whole costume was just a hat. You can get another one just like it off ebay for 3 bucks plus shipping.

:daffy:: Hey, it wasn't just a hat! Don't forget those Mickey Mouse gloves!

:ysam:: You need a more elaborate costume, varmint!

:daffy:: Yeah. Something nobody will recognize me in. Maybe Superman's glasses.

SPEEDY ALKA-SELTZER: You know, I think everyone's ignoring the real problem here! I just got dumped by Red!

:daffy:: I hate to sound prejudiced, but maybe you commercial icons need to stick to your own kind.

SPEEDY: Oh yeah, good luck with that! Have you ever noticed? All the major ad icons are male! - Tony the Tiger, Cap'n Crunch, Mr. Clean, the Jolly Green Giant, Toucan Sam.....

:bugs2:: Say, how about that Chiquita Banana chick? Remember? (sings) I'm Chiquita Banana and I'm here to reveal...

:daffy:: I've heard she's frigid.

:bugs2:: Not at all! You can't refrigerate bananas.

SPEEDY: I couldn't date her anyway. She's been seeing this guy.

:daffy:: Wow! First time I ever heard of a banana "beard".

:sylvester: Freud would have a field day at this party.
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Postby R. Araya » Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:52 pm

:bugs2:: Daffy, there should be a hat for you somewhere.
:daffy:: Like what?
:bugs2:: Like the one that Sam is wearing.
:ysam:: Take yer hands outta ma' hat, you pair of varmints!
:daffy:: Okay, anyway that ain't the hat for me!
:bugs2:: An' what about Speedy's hat.
:daffy:: What do you think I am? A foolish dandy?!
:bugs2:: Eh... (long pause) Maybe?
:daffy:: A maybe isn't enough for me! And my Duck Twacy fedora is a big part of me, let me search for it.
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Postby wiley207 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:49 pm

:bugs2:: You could wear a mask!

:daffy:: But it wouldn't look as good without the Duck Twacy hat!

:bugs2:: Nonsense! DIS would look good on you! *slips the rubber ranger dog mask from "What Makes Daffy Duck" onto him*

"Ranger Dog": Har, har. Very funny!

Lola: Uhh... whendidDaffybecomeadog?

:ysam:: SHUT UP!!! Nobody likes you anymore since you've been dumbed down!

:daffy:: *pulls off dog mask* Any other costume ideas?

:sylvester:: *dressed as the Grand Duke ala "The Scarlet Pumpernickel"* You could wear this old female dog suit I once wore! *holds it out; it's the one from "Muzzle Tough"*

:daffy:: Aw, come on Sylvester, that's for girls!

:bugs2:: HEY! You can be da Scarlet Pumpernickel!

:daffy:: Hmm... I may actually consider that. But I STILL need to find that Duck Twacy hat! *doorbell rings*

(:coyote: and :wolfie: answer the door and see some familiar trick-or-treaters...)

Peanuts Kids: TRICK-OR-TREAT, *some kind of mashed-up "Trick or treat" slurred yelling follows, ala the original special*

:wolfie:: Hey, the Peanuts gang is here!

Everyone Except Daffy and Lola: NO ROCKS!!!

(They give all the kids some candy, including Charlie Brown...)

Charlie Brown: YES! I got some candy!!!

Lucy: (to herself) Such a blockhead... (to Wolfie) Don't bother with any extra candy for my stupid brother, I'm just letting him starve to death while he waits for that "Great Pumpkin" to bring toys.

(A shout can be heard from the Toontown pumpkin patch a mile away...)

Linus: I HEARD THAT!!! Don't believe her, oh Great Pumpkin!

:befuddled:: Well, at least it wooks wike a bweak from twaditions.

(Suddenly, they hear banging from a cellar door...)

Sassy Female Kath Soucie Voice: Let me out! I'm being framed by an impostor!

:bugs2:: Dat sounds like Lola... de good OLD Lola!

:daffy:: WHAT?! Don't tell me there's TWO Lolas?

:sowhite:: Oh no now I's all confused!

:coolcat:: This is why I stay away from modern cartoon characters!

(:coyote: holds up a sign that reads "ALLOW ME," and puts on his Scooby-Doo mask again)

:daffy:: Why need the mask for the revealing of this airhead Lola impostor?

:bugs2:: Hey, it's gonna be a Scooby-style unmasking, so it's perfect!

("Scooby" removes the fake Lola's Daphne wig, and then grabs the base of Lola's ears, starting to stretch it upward, letting the rubber bunny mask stretch out in a 'toony distorted manner...)

:bugs2:: It's...

:daffy:: It's...

:sowhite:: It's...

:beepbeep:: Meep...

:buddy:: It's...

:ysam:: Just unmask her, already!!!

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Postby L00nE2n » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:15 pm

:sniff: (GASP) It-it can't be! Mary Jane?!? I haven't seen you since the '60's!

Mary Jane: Yeah, I know, it's me.

:bugs2: But why? Why'djya do it?

Mary Jane: Just that I haven't gotten a bit of work in 50 years - and never in animation. At least you got a few cameos here and there, Sniffles...and Little Sneezer following in your footsteps. Meanwhile I'm just a single mother now trying to raise a teenage skeleton creature!

Drunken Stork (with a drink in his hand): Oh (hiccup) yeah (hiccup) sorry about that (hiccup.)

Mary Jane: Besides, I always wanted to work with you, Bugs.
Th-th-th-th-th-tha-that's all, Folks!

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Postby Der Captain » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:20 pm

:bugs2:: Nice to see you again, Mary Jane. You should - (door bursts open and Gandy Goose rushes in with a bullhorn and a "Freedom of Speech" t-shirt)

:gandy:: To arms, fellow tooners! It's time to take back our cultures from the totalitarians!

:bugs2:: Oh no. Now what?

:gandy:: I represent all who have bemoaned the deplorable quality of cartoon DVDs as part of my new protest group "Occupy Time Warner". The corporate fatcats will pay! For years we have shelled out for their product and what do we get - Tom and Jerry without Mouse Cleaning! Road Runner with Rudy Larriva titles! Herman and Katnip without original titles! The time has come to take back our culture!

:daffy:: Occupy Time Warner, huh? Are you the 99%?

:gandy:: Yes. The remaining 1% are Cartoon Network viewers who buy their DVDs at Walmart.

:bugs2:: But does OTW have any demands?

:gandy:: Yes. We have one non-negotiable demand! We want....................(five minutes of dead silence)

:bugs2: : WELL?

:daffy:: Give him time. He's going for The Dramatic Pause world record. The previous champion was late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey back in 1987 clocking in at 8 and a half minutes.

:bugs2:: Mmmm-hmm. Gives me time for a break. (leaves room for four minutes. A toilet flushes. Bugs returns and glances at his watch.) MMmm-kay.

:gandy:: .........The complete Squiddly Diddly on Blu-Ray!

:bugs2:: Come again?

:gandy:: We demand the complete Squiddly on Blu-Ray with original titles, at least 6 Jerry Beck commentaries, and if I see one speck of DVNR I'll protest by occupying the Time Warner headquarters. I'll just live there and freeload, sleep on their couch, and show my contempt by not showering until the problem's fixed!

EVERYONE: Ewwwwwwww!

:lepew:: Problem? I don't see ze problem.
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Postby Daffysleftfoot » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:38 pm

(Scrooge McDuck walks in)

:scrooge: - I heard everything you said Mr. Goose!

:bugs2: - Uh Oh! Someone from the 1% just arrived.

:daffy: - Everybody duck and cover. This could get ugly.

:chilly: - Hey, Daffy. You're already the duck. All you have to do is cover. H'yuck yuck yuck.

:daffy: - Yeesh! I liked it better when you didn't talk.

:gandy: - Yep! Those are my demands, Mr. Scrooge. I ain't changin' 'em for nobody. Especially not for fat cats like you.

:sylvester - Huh?

:scrooge: - Calm down, Gandy. You didn't let me finish. I heard your demands and I agree with them.

:gandy: - You what?!

:scrooge: - I've hoarded so much money over the years and all I do is swim in it. I think it's time I put it to good use for a change. From now on, I'm using my wealth to get as many of our cartoons cleaned and onto DVD and Blue Ray as possible.

Entire room: - [SIZE="7"]HOORAY!!![/SIZE]

:daffy: - I'll tell you one thing, Scrooge will never work for Viacom with that attitude.
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Postby quack-up » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:45 pm

:dodo: : Jerry Beck commentaries?!?!?! If I hear one more utterance of that demon's name, you'll all die!!!

:bugs2: : And who do you represent, oh high and mighty one?

:dodo: : I represent Warner Home Video's family division.

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