Even MORE Lantz-O-Pedia Updates (04/03/10)

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Even MORE Lantz-O-Pedia Updates (04/03/10)

Postby Pietro » Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:53 pm

Further updates as of 04/03/10:

--- New images added for Puppet Show and Knights for a Day
--- Better images added for Night Life of the Bugs, Turkey Dinner, and Gopher Trouble

--- New images added for The Golfers, Lovesick, and The Dumb Cluck
--- Better images added for Everybody Sing, The Birthday Party, The Wily Weasel, The Rest Resort, and The Keeper of the Lions

--- New images added for The Lamp Lighter, Yokel Boy Makes Good, Feed the Kitty, Nellie the Sewing Machine Girl (or Honest Hearts & Willing Hands), The Rabbit Hunt, Sailor Mouse, and Little Blue Blackbird
--- Better images added for Voodoo in Harlem

--- Now complete
--- New images added for The Magic Beans, The Birth of a Toothpick, Little Tough Mice, Nellie of the Circus, and Bolo-Mola Land
--- Better images added for Crackpot Cruise, Charlie Cuckoo, The Bird on Nellie's Hat, and Silly Superstition

Miscellaneous Cartunes
--- Better images added for Jungle Medics


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