Favourite Monty Python Movie

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Favourite Monty Pyhton Movie?

....And Now for Something Completly Different
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Life of Brian
Meaning of Life
Live at the Hollywood Bowl
No votes
Love them all!!!
Screw Monty Python
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Total votes: 26

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Postby Toonatic » Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:58 pm

Meaning of Life is the best one to me. It goes back to the roots of Flying Circus.

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Postby Vdubdavid » Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:24 am

Toonatic wrote:Meaning of Life is the best one to me. It goes back to the roots of Flying Circus.

I'm also going to stick up for Meaning of Life and 'And Now For Something Completely Different'. The latter takes all of the best skits from the TV series, so it's very entertaining to me. The former I was thinking I wouldn't like since it was so long after the group's prime but once I finally saw it, I thought it was hilarious, particularly Graham Chapman's performance.

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Postby zavkram » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:35 am

I voted for "Holy Grail", but with a few misgivings... I dislike the "director's cut" of the film that came out a few years ago. The few paltry seconds of additional dialogue don't really add much... and I also don't like the remixed soundtrack. Unfortunately, this is the only version that's out on DVD.

I'm hoping that a new anniversary edition will come out that includes both restorations of both the original and director's cuts.

"And Now For Something Completely Different" is kind of a mixed bag... it's basically a rehash of bits from the TV show that sometimes fall flat without a studio audience.

"Hollywood Bowl" fares somewhat better, because it contains the only film record of the best bits from their live shows. I only wish they had included the "Cocktail Bar" sketch that's been included on the "Live from Drury Lane" and "Live from City Centre" albums.

"Meaning of Life" has some good bits, but many times it seems like the troupe is just phoning it in. The scene with the two tourists in the restaurant having a guided conversation is probably the weakest part of the movie... and the ending just falls flat. The best part, however, is for me the "Ev'ry Sperm is Sacred" musical number.

"Life of Brian" has the most consistent story of all the films and seems less disjointed of all the films.

I saw a production of "Spamalot" in Boston a few years ago and I thought the cast did a horrible job. The guy playing King Arthur sounded most of the time like he was "marking" (speaking only at half-voice as if in a dress rehearsal to conserve his voice)... I couldn't hear what he was saying. In fact, it seemed like none of the cast had even seen the movie(!)

Mind you, this was not the Broadway cast with Tim Curry and David Hyde-Pierce... I would have loved to have seen that one live. I have the original cast album.
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