Final Weekend for the GAC Forums

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David Gerstein
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Postby David Gerstein » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:22 pm

I won't try to hide my disappointment at the TTTP's discussion level in recent years. Huge clouds of posts blur together into one giant "hit or miss" question. We've also eaten an incredible amount of bandwith defending banal post-1950s Warner cartoons. Nostalgia is an excuse for nothing (er, except the thing I'm nostalgic for—never mind!)

But we've had a lot of enjoyable discussions, too, and made some exciting discoveries along the way—and regardless of how the web changes, I think message boards will always be a useful tool for doing entry-level research, as well as making connections in the scholarship world. I'd like to see a smartly moderated follow-up to the TTTP.

Thanks to Jon and the other mods for keeping a lid on the tempest here now and then, as well as for general animation appreciation.

Looking forward to what comes next. Dhave out... :rabbit::felix::fethry:
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Postby Geezil » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:30 pm

The "Chase" wrote:Geezil: Thanks for sharing my love of anime with me.

And backatcha tenfold, my friend. Anime, like the GAC spirit, will live on!
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Postby LooneyTunerIan » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:31 pm

Geezil wrote:Keep the toon faith, Ian...the Forums themselves may be moving to Brigadoon, but all of us (well, anyway, most of us) will go on skulking in shadowy corners of the Internet for mutual toon support when needed.

Wherever there's an unsettling cartoon history question, we'll be there.

Wherever there's an unopened case of Digiview dollar DVDs, we'll be there.

And whenever WHV's Popeye Vol. 4 appears, we'll be there. :tweety:

GAC is Always™ !

But I don't want the forums to be closed. :( Where we will go?

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Sean Gaffney
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Postby Sean Gaffney » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:39 pm

I will miss the forums, despite talking less and less on them lately. It's been a blast, everyone! (And damn, now where can I take my Let It Be Me on DVD petition?)

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Postby matiasdf » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:43 pm

Please, someone who's actually capable of this... SAVE THIS FORUM!
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Postby Bugsy-Kun » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:51 pm

This multiples "Hit-and-miss" threads or the ones from the Daffy/Speedy cartoons have forced me to get away of this forum for a while when each posts looks exactly the same. I have the feeling that my favourite GAC period was the three firsts years when the forum was well controlled and when each threads have interestings stories to look at and always amaze me by the professionnalism of many members. And a big thanks to bloggers for their ressources to animations shorts, as animations ID's, music cues and interviews with this peoples.

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Paul Penna
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Postby Paul Penna » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:54 pm

I've lost track of how long ago I started with this forum in its first iteration, but it's been an enjoyable part of my life from the first, and I'll surely miss it. Many thanks for Jon and the rest for starting and maintaining it!

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Postby Toonatic » Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:08 pm

People, if you need a place to go, I welcome you to the DVDizzy forums. I don't know if anyone I know here is a member there, but for those who aren't, then come on down. Again, I'm gonna miss this forums and all of you very much.

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Postby Sanek » Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:12 pm

Damn, it's too bad. I am very disappointed. It was the only forum when I can really learn something new about Golden Age:(. It's too cruel...

To LooneyTunerIan and for all:
LooneyTunerIan wrote:Where we will go?

Emm...sounds really stupid, but I highly recommended to all of you to go here. The main problem is that's russian forum, but it's have english type, which can be included in the registration[регистрация]. After it we can easily made posts on english:p.

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Postby LooneyTunerIan » Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:28 pm

No good. :(

IT'S THE END OF GAC! *runs away screaming in agony*

Why, Jon Cooke, why?

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