Hugh and Rudy Live/Animation

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Hugh and Rudy Live/Animation

Postby Fibber Fox » Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:53 am

Here's the opening story from a Louella Parsons column from 1952. She buggered up Harman's name. If anyone knows about the cartoon sequence, let me know. I gather the movie was released under a different name ("Champagne Safari") and ended up on the TV Late Show by 1956.

HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 12 (INS)—Rita Hayworth’s comeback film will probably be “Safari So Good,” with Aly Khan as her co-star. While Rita was in the Far East with Aly, being entertained by the potentates of the Far East, Jackson Leighter, her close friend, photographed 30,000 feet of film of Rita and her Prince.
Now Leighter, who is a director of Beckworth, Inc., (Rita’s own company), has engaged Rudy Ising and Hugh Herman [sic], noted cartoonist [sic] to edit it.
“What will Columbia say about Rita being in another motion picture?” I asked him. “I don’t think they will mind since this is a combination of live people and animation, and I have deleted much of Rita,” Leighter replied.
Rita, who filed for divorce in Reno, is back in Hollywood. She will get her decree in sixty days after Aly is served in person.

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