Classic Cartoon TV Highlights - Jan. 2008

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Postby ebrand11 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:09 pm

Here's some more cartoon fillers on Boomerang.

1/3 3:52pm The Chump Champ:droopy:
1/3 4:52pm Farm of Tommorow-MGM
1/3 6:22pm Car of Tommorow-MGM
1/4 5:22am Farm of Tommorow-MGM
1/4 9:22am Hillbilling and Cooing-1955:sailor:
1/4 1:52pm Billy Boy-MGM
1/4 3:22pm Tom Turkey and his Harmonica Humdingers-1939-MGM
1/4 3:52pm Half pint Palomino:bbear:
1/4 4:52pm Tots of Fun-1952:sailor:
1/5 5:22am Tots of Fun-1952:sailor:
1/5 9:22am Spree Lunch-1957:sailor:
1/5 10:52am Lunch With a Punch-1952:sailor:
1/5 5:20pm Mechanical Monsters-Superman (Fleischer Studios-1941)
1/5 6:52pm Bear and the Hare:bbear:
1/5 9:22pm Blow me Down-1933:sailor:
1/6 5:22am First Bad Man-MGM
1/6 5:52am TV of Tommorow-MGM

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Postby ebrand11 » Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:39 pm

Classic cartoon fillers-All times eastern


1/6 9:22am Car of Tommorow-MGM
1/6 1:22pm Magical Maestro-MGM
1/6 4:52pm Busybody Bear:bbear:
1/6 6:52pm Spinach Packin Popeye:sailor:
1/6 9:52pm Hospitaliky:sailor:
1/7 5:22am Spinach Packin Popeye:sailor:
1/7 10:22am Buldozing the Bull:sailor:
1/7 1:22pm Taxi Turvey:sailor:
1/7 1:52pm Punch and Judo:sailor:
1/7 2:52pm Toyland Broadcast-MGM Happy Harmonies
1/7 3:22pm Happy Go Nutty- MGM Screwy Squirrel
1/7 3:52pm Millionare Droopy:droopy:
1/7 10:22pm Shakespearian Spinach:sailor:
1/8 2:22am Shakespearian Spinach:sailor:
1/8 3:52am Toyland Broadcast-MGM Happy Harmonies
1/8 5:22am Barney Bears Polar Pest:bbear:
1/8 5:52am Happy Go Nutty- MGM Screwy Squirrel
1/8 1:22pm You Gotta be a Football Hero:sailor:
1/8 1:52pm Lets Stalk Spinach:sailor:
1/8 2:22pm Two Little Pups-MGM Happy Harmonies
1/8 3:22pm Wigwam Whoopee:sailor:
1/8 3:52pm Indian Giver-Hokey Wolf
1/8 4:52pm Sheep Wrecked:droopy:
1/8 7:22pm Magical Maestro-MGM
1/9 4:52am Two Little Pups-MGM Happy Harmonies
1/9 5:22am Sheep Wrecked:droopy:
1/9 5:52am Wigwam Whoopee:sailor:

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Postby Surenity » Mon Jan 07, 2008 3:30 am

The Silver Fox wrote:was reading on another forem that Tom and Jerry

will end there cn run in feb 08. The last Classic toon on CN gone..

That's really sad...but at the same time, I like watching Tom and Jerry better on Boomerang anyway, without all the little Cartoon Network promos and advertisements at the bottom of the screen =/ Still, people without Boomerang have lost access to one of the last classics left on regular television
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Postby Shemp » Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:58 am

Jon Cooke wrote:[size=167]TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES:
Full Turner Classic Movies schedule.

1/29, 5:19AM Eastern

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