John Wayne DVD Coll. w/bonus toons 5/22

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John Wayne DVD Coll. w/bonus toons 5/22

Postby Shemp » Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:26 pm

Warner Home Video press release...

Warner Home Video (WHV) honors the great John Wayne on May 22 -- the week that would have been ‘the Duke’s’ 100th birthday. WHV will debut “The John Wayne Film Collection,” a six-disc set (also available individually) featuring six films never before on DVD: ALLEGHENY UPRISING, REUNION IN FRANCE, TYCOON, WITHOUT RESERVATIONS, TROUBLE ALONG THE WAY and BIG JIM McLAIN. Retail on the Collection is $49.92 SRP, and $12.97 SRP for the individual releases.

Only months after his Stagecoach breakthrough, John Wayne brings his one-of-a-kind line readings and presence to the real-life role of colonial man of action James Smith. The place is Pennsylvania a decade before the American Revolution. Joined by like-minded frontiersmen, Smith intercepts trade shipments, besieges forts and risks the certain-death charge of treason against the king. Another Stagecoach alumna joins the Duke: Claire Trevor, playing a fiery barmaid eager to join the scrap against the redcoats.

Special Features:
THE BILL OF RIGHTS [1939 WB short]
[1939 WB cartoon]

All 6’4” of John Wayne plays the title role, a federal agent ferreting out subversives in Hawaii. Rallying to the cause are co-stars Nancy Olsen and Veda Ann Borg. And 6’7” James Arness (whom Wayne would later recommend to star on TV’s “Gunsmoke”) is McLain’s war-hero partner, Baxter. The documentary-style story moves swiftly, with good-natured humor peppered throughout. Pre-statehood Hawaii locales range from elite resorts to a Shinto temple and from the sunken remains of the battleship Arizona to a Molokai leper colony.

Special Features:
THE SUPER SNOOPER [1952 WB cartoon]
Theatrical Trailer

John Wayne is in straight-up heroic mode as a fugitive RAF pilot on the run from the Gestapo, and Joan Crawford (in haute couture despite the war) is Michele, the spoiled, high-society Parisian who discovers her own patriotism as she helps the airman escape his Nazi pursuers. This glossy, briskly paced thriller also stars Philip Dorn as Michele’s fiancé, an industrialist she suspects of collaborating with the Germans.

Special Features:
WE DO IT BECAUSE [1942 MGM short]
WAR DOGS [1943 MGM cartoon]
Theatrical Trailer

This sports comedy-drama is directed by Michael Curtiz (Casablanca). John Wayne tackles the role of Steve Williams, a former top football coach who has been banned from the major conferences for his inability to conform and is making ends meet as a bookie. When he receives a call from likable Father Burke (Charles Coburn) with an offer to establish a football program – fast- in a last-ditch effort to save his tiny St. Anthony’s College from bankruptcy, Williams sees it as a way to prove to a Children’s Court officer (Donna Reed) that he’s a fit parent as he fights for custody of his 12 year old tomboy daughter. Of course, there’s bound to be Trouble Along the Way.

Special Features:
MUSCLE TUSSLE [1953 WB cartoon]
Theatrical trailer

A tumultuous love story (with co-star Laraine Day), a dynamite supporting cast, horizon-spanning location filming and brilliant Technicolor make Tycoon exciting entertainment. But the biggest thrill is watching Wayne as a bold, bare-knuckled railroad honcho high above an Andean gorge in a breathless grand finale that involves a half-built bridge, an onrushing wall of water, and a locomotive with the Duke at the controls.

Special Features:
RED HOT RANGERS [1947 MGM cartoon]

Claudette Colbert and Wayne are a double delight in this playful, romantic comedy. Colbert plays Kit Madden, a novelist who’s heading to Hollywood to turn her bestseller about a handsome pilot into a film. On the train she meets real-life marine pilot (John Wayne), and thinks he’s the perfect man to portray her screen hero…except he thinks the whole thing is “a lot of hooey.” Their comedic rapport becomes more captivating with one misadventure after another as they make their way cross-country. Adding to the fun are surprise walk-ons from stars like Jack Benny, Cary Grant, Louella Parsons playing herself, and director Warner LeRoy.

Special Features:
I LOVE MY HUSBAND, BUT! [1946 MGM short]
HOLIDAY FOR SHOESTRINGS [1946 WB cartoon][/color]

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Postby houserunner » Wed Mar 07, 2007 2:25 am

I don't understand.
Why WHV throw out Avery cartoons here and there as bonus feature?
Come on, these Avery toons are some of the greatest in animation history!
They deserved their own Avery box set.
I know Droopy set coming out in may, but Avery's many masterpieces are one shot cartoons.
They deserved fully restored bonus feature packed box set, folks!

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