WB Cartoons Without Any (or much) Dialog

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Postby AndrewGilmore » Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:29 pm

Most of the early Boskos have very little dialogue- as I recall, "Have some g-g-g-gum, Mr. Ape?" is the only spoken line in "Congo Jazz", and the only spoken lines in "Hold Anything" are "Hey! Send up that beam!" and "Hello, baby, whadaya say?", and some scat singing.

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Postby Matt the Y » Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:32 pm

Brandon Panther wrote:The Cagey Canery has no dialogue except for the ending: "Ladies and gentlemen of the audience. Would any of you be interested in a homeless cat and canery?"

The lady of the house also has dialogue at the beginning..... "Mama will throw that old cat out in the RAIN!!!!!"

Also a few more.....

"Cat Feud"

"Double Chaser"

"I Got Plenty of Mutton" (except for Killer Diller's romantic talk and the final exchange between KD and the Wolf, pre-dating "Some Like It Hot")

Isn't "Hiss and Make Up" mostly pantomime as well?

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Re: WB Cartoons Without Any (or much) Dialog

Postby rodinei1964 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:58 am

Speedy Boris wrote:What are some Warner Bros. cartoons where there's little to no dialog? Here are some I can think of:
-Snow Time For Comedy

-Any Road Runner short except Road Runner a Go-Go and Zip Zip Hooray (only vocal is "Beep beep", along with the occasional "YEOW!" from Wile)

-The Sam & Ralph cartoons (only vocals are typically "Morning, Sam./Morning, Ralph.", with a few random bits here and there. Mostly silent like the Road Runner shorts, though)

-Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too!

-Swallow the Leader (outside of the opening narration and a couple sentences from the cat, there's no dialog here)

-No Barking (mostly dog barking/cat screech vocals; only dialog is a brief Tweety bit at the end)

-One Froggy Evening (the songs and the people running into the theater contain the only vocals in the cartoon)

-Feed the Kitty / Kiss Me Cat (only a few random bits of dialog from the husband/wife, and animal noises provided by Blanc)

-High Note

-Now Hear This (only vocal is the man clearing his throat, as well as "QUIET!")

-Joe Glow the Firefly (only vocal is "GOOD NIGHT!" at the end)

Any others?

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