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The Cartoon Club

Postby AndyRabbit678 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:45 pm

This will be a series of cartoons and GAC Forum members talking to each other and stuff like that there.

Episode 1:
Dexter: Hello, and welcome to The Cartoon Club! I am the show's main... uh... well, just satisfy yourself.
Toonatic: What am I doing here?
*Toonatic gets smashed by the CCF logo*
Ed: Sorry, Toonatic! HA HA HA!
Steve: What? Dang it, Larry's late again.
Little Dog: BALL!
Big Dog: FOOD!
*Fish falls down, and ball falls down*
Sylvester: Hey, you touched by toothbrush!
Top Cat: I did not touch your toothbrush!
Sylvester: Yes you did! There's slobber all over it.
Top Cat: That's your slobber!
Sylvester: No it's not!
Top Cat: Uhuh!
Steve: Dang, Larry is such a stupid b*--
Dexter: Ah, ah, ah! No cursing!
Steve: Shut up.
*Dexter turns Steve into an egg with scientific formulas*
Paulie J. Waddle: There you go, Toonatic!
*Cartoon Network logo falls on ground*
Sheep: Bah! Bah! (Hold The Phone!)
PJW: Sheep, your random!
*Phone rings*
Toonatic: Hello?
Random Person: Are you delivering pizza?
Toonatic: NO!
*Toonatic Hangs Up*
I.M. Weasel: Toonatic, watch out.
*CCF Logo chases Toonatic*
Dexter: That's it for now, check out episode 2 ANOTHER TIME!
*Iris out*
Chicken: End!
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